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You can make the reform

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Plans for reforming

The changing time is today

Financial reforms

The goal here is to increase the average income per person in 2021 as much as we can. For these purposes we have developed several, additional plans and missions that will have to be completed in the same year.

Better relations with communities

The plan for this aspect is to make the connections and the relations between local communities much better. We have planned of using special summits, new gatherings and many other, interactions that should help communities make a clear difference.

Help to small businesses

The goal is to help small and medium business increase their profits during the first 10 years of their existence, by helping with the supply cost, lower taxes and more.

Better protection of citizens

It is impressive how police accomplish all they do with so little personnel. My personal favorite here is to make society a much safer place by hiring new police officers.

Benefits for new families

It is always hard when you start a new family. You need so many things. The main mission here is to get additional help whenever you can, always if possible, and to make it successful.

Decreasing the cost of life in 2021

The goal is to reduce the costs of basic accommodations, food and beverages in 2021 and therefore assist people who are in hard monetary situation.

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